We have a "guest blogger" who created this amazing recipe using our Wiskonsan and Marquette Rose` wines.  Veronica Shah is a photographer & recipe creator. 

Thanks Veronica for sharing with us!

Besides pairing very well with a wide range of dishes, wine can be incorporated into lots of delicious recipes. A good wine can be used as an ingredient in appetizers, mains and desserts.

Using your favorite wine and a few other key ingredients, you can make your own wine flavored ice cream at home, which we will be showing you how to do in this post!

Ingredients required

You can either use red or white wine for this recipe; you will need a one cup serving of either. Because the recipe makes use of fresh berries, fruity wines such as Vines & Rushes 2015 Wiskonsan and 2015 Marquette Rose` work really well. You want to use chilled wine, so you can either chill a bottle in an ice bucket or grab one straight from your cooler (check out these dual zone wine cooler reviews if you’re on the lookout for a cooler to store a variety of wines.)

Together with the wine you will also need one cup of granulated sugar, two cups of cold heavy whipping cream, two tablespoons of dry milk powder, two tablespoons of corn starch, one teaspoon of salt, one cup of pureed mixed berries and the scrapings from two vanilla pods.


Add all of the ingredients besides the whipping cream and berries to a bowl and whisk together with an egg beater until everything is well combined.

In another large bowl, use a hand mixer to beat the whipping cream for a minute or so, until it is nice and fluffy. To it add the pureed berries & wine mixture and combine everything with the hand mixer until you are left with a homogenous mixture. Then pour the mixture into a deep container and place it in your freezer overnight.

The following morning your wine flavored ice cream will be ready to enjoy. Be sure to share it with friends and family!