Wine Bottling

In the below wine bottling video, with a crew of 5 people, we are bottling at a rate of roughly 1,100 bottles an hour, and bottled about 850 gallons (360 cases) over a 4 hour period with a couple of breaks.

Here's the equipment list:

Bottler - 6 spout Evrostroj
Mio Vigneto Products
Dwight Busalacchi
(415) 531-6450

Corker - Model P35
Mio Vigneto Products
Dwight Busalacchi
(415) 531-6450

Crossflow Filter - VA Filtration
Model CF8-2-200M
Pacific Winemaking / or VA Filtration
Bruce Felix
(503) 419-7942

Labeler/Capsuler - CDA-USA
R1000 Regionale
Remi Langlois
(804) 647-1348

Filling, Corking, Labeling

Cider Bottling Equipment and Process


Counter Pressure Bottler Design

(Design originally based on Johnnymax's design referenced in this ProBrewer forum post:

Bottler Parts List (rough, mostly hits the major items):

Total cost of around $1,100 - $1,200 for the bottler
Welding cost me about $400 @ $85/hour

1-1/2" x 6 Manifold ($105) (Glacier Tank)
Hinge Mounts ($11) (Amazon)
Counter Pressure Filler ($90) (MoreBeer)
Stainless Square Tubing ($50 per 96") (Amazon)
1-1/2" Sight Glass ($53) (Glacier Tank)
Pressure Gauge 0-30psi ($99) (GW Kent)
Drip Tray 36" w/drain ($112) (

Bottle Capper ($895) (GW Kent)

Bottler Design Drawing (Google Sketchup)