Our focus is on using cold hardy grape varieties capable of surviving Wisconsin's frigid winters.  Our wines are an expression of the soil, climate, farming and winemaking practices that provide a sense of place to each wine. You'll taste our commitment to a quality, Wisconsin grown wine with every sip.

Wiley Hard Cider

Price: $12.00

LaCrescent - Semi-Dry White Wine

Aromas and flavors of citrus, apple, pear, peach and apricot.  This wine is balanced with a touch of sweetness and vibrant acidity.

Pairs well with: 

  • Richer fish like tuna or salmon
  • Chicken or pasta with a rich sauce
  • Fresh herbs
  • Mild Asian dishes
  • Bold seasonings like Jamaica seasoning
  • Spicy pasta dishes
  • Firm cheeses

Price: $15.00


Brianna - Semi-Dry White Wine

Flavors of mango and milder in flavor.  A light bodied semi-dry white wine with a very complex tropical fruit aroma.

Pairs well with: 

  • Tangy foods such as barbecue

  • Herbed foods

  • Light fish

  • Tart dressings

  • Goat cheeses

  • Blackened seasoning

  • Seasoned sauces for pasta

  • Milder cheeses

Price: $15

St Pepin 2014 - Semi-Sweet White Wine

A mellow and smooth semi-sweet white wine with hints of pear, apple, and pink grapefruit

Pairs well with:

  • Great cheese wine- sweet and spicy cheeses

  • Indian and Asian foods

  • Seafood

Price: $15


Frontenac Gris - Semi-Sweet White Wine

A semi-sweet white wine with a great balance of sweetness and acidity.  A touch of carbonation gives this wine more full-bodied mouthfeel


Price: $15.00


Sweet Nolia - Sweet White Wine

Sweet Nolia is made from the Somerset grape variety which is commonly used as a seedless table grape. It’s fitting that this unique experiment is named after the winemaker’s daughter, Nolia - a toddler with a lot of sweet and a bit of spunk. This wine is a product of both Nolia and the winemaker's curious and adventurous personalities. You'll taste our commitment to a quality, Wisconsin grown wine with every sip.

Price: $15.00


Marquette Rosé  - Sweet Rosé Wine

A sweet and smooth Rosé with notes of cherry and strawberry aromas.


Price: $15.00





Marquette  -  Dry Red Wine

A dry red table wine with lighter body, fruity and oaky aroma (most prominent fruit aroma is cherry) with exposure to French Oak in the tank and lower in tannin.  Most similar to Pinot Noir in style.  From vineyards located in Vernon County and Chippewa Falls.

Price: $20



Mascoutin  -  Dry Red Wine

This wine is a blend of three Wisconsin grown grapes - Marquette, Sabrevois and Frontenac.  The name Mascoutin originates from an Algonquian Indian tribe that spent time along the Fox River near Berlin, WI.  The former Milwaukee Road Railway, which ran along the edge of the winery property, has now become the Mascoutin Valley State Trail - a multi-use recreational trail.  A donation is made to trail maintenance for each bottle sold of our "Mascoutin" wine.

Price: $18


 Sabrevois  -  Dry Red Wine

Rich and robust in flavor, Sabrevois is the boldest of our red wines.  With a vibrant flavor, this wine pairs well with spicier red meats and bolder flavors.  Popular in Quebec, Canada, this is a cold-hardy variety capable of surviving Wisconsin's harshest winters.  From vineyards located in Eau Claire, Tomah and Chippewa Falls.

Price: $20


Frontenac  -  Sweet Red Wine

Sweet Red Wine (6% residual sugar - most of any of our wines).  A very sweet, smooth red wine.  Flavors of raspberry and cherry.  Pairs very well with chocolate and heavier desserts. From vineyard located in Hudson, WI.  

Price: $18




Wiskonsan  -  Sweet Strawberry & Grape Wine

Growing strawberries and grapes in Wiskonsan's climate requires a stubborn determination. Our unique strawberry and grape blend, Wiskonsan, is testament to the efforts of the Prellwitz family.  The alternate spelling of our state name comes courtesy of our first Governor, James Doty. He insisted on the alternative spelling that showed up on the earliest maps when Wiskonsan became a state. This wine is an ode to our heritage as farmers, family and Wiskonsanites.

Price: $15


Ice Wine - Sweet White Dessert Wine

This wine is made from Wisconsin grown grapes harvested on a sub-zero day in February 2013.  Pressed while still frozen, the result is the intense and sweet nectar of Ice Wine - the epitome of a dessert wine.

With intense flavors of apricot and honey, this wine is perfect for a special occasion or gift!

Tasting Fee: $3 / sample (no charge for case club members or if you buy a bottle)
Price: $55 / half bottle (375 ml)