Welcome our Artist Uncorked for the month of July - Audrey Bunchkowski!!


Audrey states, "I started painting with watercolor in Fl in 2002. It was an exciting pastime during my retirement years providing me with hours of study and practice and sheer enjoyment."

"Art changed my life as it became a big part of my friendships and outside activities. It was interesting and challenging. My eyes were opened to the beauty of nature as I struggled to capture it in my work. Colors and scenery became much more interesting and meaningful. Painting has become my passion in life, second only to family and friends."

"One of my favorite subjects, fresh water fish, is directly related to my husband Russ’s favorite pastime and was a unifying bond between us. He was my greatest critic and now that he is gone it stirs up pleasant memories of the time we had together. I guess I will always paint fish but I also enjoy painting flowers and farm scenes."

Walk through our "gallery" and see the work of Audrey during the month of July.