Thomas' photographs will be up at the winery the month of April.  Stop by for a beverage, wood-fired pizza, one of our many live music events, and enjoy the artwork!


Thomas states: "Growing up in Minnesota, I was always the “picture taker” in the Keller family. In the early to mid ninety’s, my wife and I began traveling primarily in the Midwest: Door County, The Upper Peninsula, and The Superior Shore north of Duluth were favorite destinations.  We were also fortunate to visit Hawaii and experience the Alaska Inside Passage."

His photography represents three different genre’:

  • Macro photography: use of  a specialized lens for extreme close-ups.  
  • Still Life: Creative photography where I often use my own props or utilize what nature gives me.  
  • Photoscapes: From Broad Landscapes to Specific Photos of Light Houses and Garden Flowers.  

"Landscape and nature photography is capturing, through the camera lens, the fleeting uniqueness and beauty of our living world. It is fleeting because it is so quick to change.
All photographers appreciate the perseverance, patience, timing and good luck required to be successful with this challenging art form. It is my hope and intention that you, the viewer, will also appreciate these aspects of photography. Thank you for taking time to view my work.”