Immerse yourself in the story that is your meal! A new dining experience awaits you. Convene with friends and family in front of the wood fired oven at Vines & Rushes Winery and enjoy a 3-5 course Stack Farm & Food Co. Stack-style meal, served to you out of the fire and by the hands and hearts that have grown and crafted your food and drink. 

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to talk with the winemaker, chef, and farmers about the family-style meal from the farm, and wines from the vineyard just mere yards away. Menus inspired by winter comfort foods from the Wisconsin farmhouse kitchen. Winemaker will be available to offer pairing suggestions.

Porchetta dinner description: We will celebrate the highly coveted Italian roast of whole hog porchetta. We start with a whole hog from Stack Farms, bone it out, slather it and stuff it full of house-made sausage, herbs, and other cuts of meat. It is then rolled, tied, and roasted in the wood-fired oven until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The meal will be served with house-made focaccia, roasted fennel, roasted local vegetables, arugula salad, and a dessert of olive oil cake with lemon sorbet.

Cash bar for beer and wine.
Advanced purchase highly recommended, 24 tickets available.
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