Welcome our Artist for the month of December - Michelle O'Mahoney

New Beginnings Series


Michelle began her career painting on canvas which was an awakening of her art and vision which launched her pursuit as an artist. Her extraordinary and bold usage of color is clearly only one of the defining elements that one might use in describing the feeling and emotion that her work evokes. She is always learning new techniques that involve color and dimension and loves stepping outside the box with her artwork. 
The nature of Michelle's work today varies from time to time, but it almost always involves windows. She loves old windows is fascinated by the effects she can create on the old wavy glass. The older the better because she transforms the windows into beautiful works of art.


Her florals, depictions of nature and animals are regular subjects in her artwork but her recent works are very different. Come view her newest collection called “New Beginnings”! Much like her earlier works, her inspiration for this eight piece series comes from the colors and forms found in nature. She is drawn to the energy around us - the force of a pounding surf as depicted in ‘Oceanic’ or the carvings of a mountainous hillside in ‘Nova’. The series is all about the way objects in space move with one another. How one motion affects the next is a continuing source of fascination. The New Beginnings Series layers acrylics with inks creating a fixed with fluid feel.

She graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Business Administration and Michelle and her husband Mark live in Green Lake, WI.

Stop by the winery and wander through our gallery with your favorite glass of wine!