Welcome our Artists for the month of November - Gary & Faye Kemnitz!

Gary Kemnitz

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For years, my wife and I have enjoyed the creativeness of other people exhibited in art museums and art shows. Nothing, however, compares to nature and the way God’s hands formed the detailed beauty around us, such as the grain in a piece of wood or the colorful minerals in a stone. When I pick up a piece of wood it seems to tell me what it can become—a bird, tree trunk, fish, etc. Using wire, I cold forge (bend it without heat) to form the wire trees. My most recent sculptures are carvings of fish and birds mounted on unique pieces of wood I find on my walks. If I can make other people aware of our earth’s amazing beauty, that is a joy for me!

Faye Kemnitz

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I have enjoyed art my entire life! I have been an elementary teacher for 38 years and make it my goal to inspire kids of all ages to create with their minds, hearts, and hands—sometimes even their feet! I love to see how excited they get when working with paints, pastels, clay, wood, fibers, etc. I also love to observe how they problem solve and feel elated when their work becomes a framed work of art in the hallway.

I share those same feelings when I take time out to create my own art, whether it be painting, drawing, or creating glass mosaics. The acrylic flow paintings that are on display were great fun to create. I left them untitled. What do these abstract works suggest to you???

Wander through our great room and check out these lovely pieces that will be displayed the month of November!