Are you looking for a way to meet local farmers as we gear up for the growing season? Take this opportunity to meet with a variety of local farmers producing artisanal, sustainably produced local products.  We encourage you to get to know where your food comes from and the people that are producing it.  At this event, you'll get to meet farmers, pick up product and contact information and even purchase items from some of the farmers.  

Honey Creek Farm - Jim and Ginger Quick - grassfed beef, pastured pork, gourmet garlic, onions and leeks

Fraser Farm's GrowSureEase - Dennis Meyer and Mary Fredrickson Meyer - fruits and vegetables

4M Bison, LLC - Marcel, Marian, Aaron and Shelby Mildebrandt - bison

Lenz's Green Lake Meadows - Jerry and Shirley Lenz - grassfed beef, natural pork, free range eggs

Olive Juice Farm - Robyn Badtke - canned fruits and vegetables

Gourmet Grassfed - Ben Kramlich - gourmet meat snacks

Salas Farm - Barbara Salas - grassfed lamb

Boerson Farm - Mat and Danielle Boerson - organic produce, pastured pork, grassfed beef and eggs

Renard's European Bakeshop, LLC - Brian Taylor and Suz Rowely - artisan breads and viennese pastries

Polish Ponderosa Farm - Lennie and Julie Nowakowski - grassfed bison, pastured beef, pastued chicken and eggs

Parkelm Farm - Natasha and Jordan Paris - grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, wool, handspun yarn