Are you a Locavore? You most likely are and don't even know it! A Locavore is a person whose diet consists mainly of locally grown food.

If you enjoy fresh, locally produced food and beverages, then you must stop by Vines & Rushes Winery on February 9th as our Great Room will be transformed into a Locavore Marketplace. We will feature a group of local entrepreneurs who grow ,manufacture and sell their goods. The items being sold include, but not limited to honey, fresh & canned fruits and vegetables, baked goods and a non alcoholic beverage.

Those participating in this event include:
Renard's European Bakeshop, Olive Juice Farms Canning and hand made goods, Olden Organics Farm, Redmond's Apple Basket Orchard, Granola for Good, Schoolhouse Bee Goods, Mugs Coffeehouse, Boerson Farm, Avrom Farm, and Fox Tale Brewing Genuine Ginger Beer.

Come to the winery and support these entrepreneurs and enjoy the wonderful items they produce.

Local Food Marketplace 1.jpg