Welcome Thrasher Opera House to Vines & Rushes as our Cause on October 21st!!

Thrasher Opera House's mission is to promote the arts and live music, and for the past 21 years has been ROCKIN' our community thanks to help of our donors, concert goers, and fans.

All proceeds go toward supporting the Thrasher Opera House - including (but not limited to) the following wonderful things:

Photo by Mark Fay.jpg
  • Year-round concerts by talented, national & international
    touring musicians

  • Beautiful art exhibits by local artists

  • Inspiring Missoula Children's Theatre weeks

  • Keeping a piece of Green Lake history alive

  • Making an economic impact in our community
    ...and so much more!

Join us on 10/21/19 for "Cause of the Mondays" 4-8pm. They'll reveal their newest season and let you in on some of the big acts coming up in 2020!
Eat pizza, drink wine & support the arts!