Our featured artist for the month of October is Laura Steinmetz.

Laura’s bio: “about me ~ i have been painting for 30+ years ~ i get my inspiration from my aunti mercedes bruss, she is in her 90’s and is still painting! ~ she says you never stop learning and should inspire to never stop! ~ my style is mostly impressionistic, though some say abstract, i say it’s art! ~ i love textures, that said, i have been experimenting lately with making my own paper as my canvas and texturing it with items like petals, grass or bark to paint on ~ you may see my car on the side of the road and me in the distance painting! ~ Member of Wild Goose Fine Arts United and Fond du Lac Artist Association”

Stop by Vines & Rushes Winery, grab a glass of wine and wander through our gallery to admire Laura’s beautiful work!

Laura Steinmetz painting.jpg