The recent frosts throughout Wisconsin have had a significant impact on grapes and some other fruit crops in Wisconsin. Our 5 acre vineyard here at Vines & Rushes came through the frost relatively unscathed. Our Marquette vines had just started showing green growth and about 5% of the buds froze. We left a few more buds at pruning time so that won't be noticeable at harvest. The Petite Pearl and St Pepin vines were just starting to push new buds out and were therefore more safe and weren't affected at all by the frost.

For the other Wisconsin growers that we purchase grapes from, the damage is more mixed. Some growers had extensive damage, some moderate damage and some very little. We've built great relationships with many growers throughout the state over the past few years and don't foresee an issue with meeting our grape needs for our 2016 harvest.

As a winery that produces our wines exclusively from Wisconsin grown products, the risks of agriculture in any given year or season can certainly have an impact on our grape supply and the amount of each wine that we can make. With that said, we work with a number of great growers from throughout the state that help us to ensure you of a supply of delicious wines year after year!