By: Deb

                       By: Deb

One question I am asked many times by customers is, "how do I pair these wines with foods?" I like to think there are three different ways to help you decide:

1) Prepare your favorite food and pair with your favorite wine. Guaranteed to be good! 

2) Use a wine in your food preparation and then drink same wine with the meal. (Note: You can also enjoy the wine while you're cooking with it too!) 

3) Determine the main flavors in the food/seasonings you plan to use. For example spicy, sweet, citrusy, etc. Then identify a wine with the same characteristics. Many times it will note in the description on the back label; if not ask, or do some research prior to shopping. A good rule of thumb, if you have a bold food make sure the wine is bold as well. 

Each of us will be sharing ideas with you!